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Virtual Dog Training

Let's face it, when you look online for help with just about any issue, you're bombarded with information. When it comes to training your pet dog, you are certain to get a lot of information from the internet--but is it advice that will work for your unique situation? Could the advice you're given create more problems down the line? Perhaps a widely used technique might work for a large percentage of dogs, but not your dog. With so many different resources out there, how do you know what advice will be specific to your dog? Let us be your solution.

Introducing our Virtual Dog Training program! With this program, you will be given sound behavioral advice based on your dog as the unique individual he/she is, and the unique relationship you have with your dog. With this program, you will receive a Welcome Package in the mail, containing all the crucial information you'd need to know on the training process, as well as weekly video chat sessions. You will also be added to our Facebook group that is exclusively for C3 K9 Solutions clients, where you can post additional questions in between video sessions. Best of all, this is a service that is affordable for everyone!


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