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Chivon Winter is a consummate professional who truly cares about helping her students become knowledgeable dog trainers.   She uses her book and real world knowledge to communicate effectively both verbally and "hands-on" to give the best experience possible in a fun and interactive way.    She presents herself in a very informative manner and gives all "angles" to a particular situation.   Her training styles/methods are top notch and I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking about starting a career in dog training or any client who is looking to have their dog trained.   I am very thankful to have met such a caring person within this industry and look forward to our continued relationship in the future!




Apprentice, 2012


​Academy Student

I got Maxx (American Bulldog) last year from a family who stated their daughter had allergies and couldn't keep him. After a few months I found out the truth, Maxx was not socialized, he was sweet at home and untamed when we were out. I tried doggie day camps, trips out to stores that he could go in plus interview several different training places and trainers. I met someone who told me about Ms. Chivon, our lives changed the first day she came to the house. She not only trained Maxx, she trained me on how to communicate to him and how to carry myself with him. I went from almost giving up to now being about to take Maxx almost anywhere, we still have something things to work on yet I can call, email or message Chivon with any questions and concerns and she's right there for me. That I love!


Academy Student

Last week, my 10 month old Great Dane aggressively bit a woman who was petting him while we were out in public. I've only had Max for about 2 weeks at that point. I have never needed a dog trainer and I've trained 6 dogs successfully. But after what Max did, I knew I needed help. So I got in touch with Chivon from C3K9 Solutions. After a weekend of training, my Max is more focused and relaxed in public. He now knows his purpose and I look forward to seeing just how far he will go with his quick ability to learn and achieve. He learned to heel (by my side) instead of pulling on walks, that when we are walking in public that when I stop he also stops and sits, what I say goes and he also learned that interacting with people in public is a positive thing and nothing he should be nervous about. Now all I have to do is continue these techniques and training until we have both become fully in tune with each other.

Max was able to do what he wanted and had no "job" to do before he came to me. I recommend Chivon to anyone having difficulty with their pups. She really took Max's needs into consideration, found out the training tool and reward he responded to and it was a breeze from there. With the help of Chivon, Max now has his job and is more calm, patient and he is less stressed.

Thanks so much Chivon!!

I was fortunate enough to have been trained by Chivon during an intensive, 480-hour dog trainer and behaviorist class last year. I was able to take so much away from this class, and found a position immediately training people's pets, but more importantly, to me at least, training service dogs for wounded veterans and other people with disabilities. Chivon's classes were well structured and concise. The days were long, but no matter how much time we put in, she was willing to take time out of her breaks and lunch to answer my endless questions. Thank you, Chevy, for enabling me to enter into a career I truly love

C3K9 is the only way to go. I have been training with Chivon for awhile now and have not met any other trainer who truly cares about dogs and people as much as she does. The combination of knowledge and compassion makes Chivon the only trainer to go with! Chivon has taught my husband and I what to do, how to do it and why we should do it, can't thank you enough Chivon!
Kathy Zimmer


"If you are looking for someone to start you on your way as a trainer in the field of dog training, I highly recommend Chivon Winter from my personal experience with her. Chivon is not only knowledgeable and educated in the field but she has the ability to make the complicated simple and bring meaning to everything she teaches. Chivon truly takes the time needed with you as an individual and is patient as well as thorough. I truly enjoyed my time studying under her and I learned so much; not only about training, but about canine behavior and body language as well. The time you spend learning under Chivon Winter will be, beyond question, time well spent!"