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Unfortunately, most of us have heard a story where the dog "bit" out of nowhere. Worse yet, we've heard stories of children falling victim to dog bites. The truth is, the general public is not made aware of the subtle body language cues that dogs give off when they show they are not comfortable. Furthermore, who would have thought that a seemingly loving and caring upbringing could still contribute to an aggressive response in some dogs? Our Bite Prevention & Child Safety Seminar will open your eyes on how to read dogs' body language, and give key tips on dog handling, and how we and our children interact with dogs so everyone can remain safe.

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C3 K9 Solutions also offers a 2-day workshop called, "Building Better Behavior". This workshop allows you to bring your own dog, and learn how you can develop better behavior, while eliminating unwanted ones. Day 1 consists of the various ways we can create and teach new behaviors in dogs. After the break, we do the fun stuff--hands on training! Day 2 is focused on the various ways we address/deal with/eliminate unwanted behaviors in our dogs, followed by more hands-on.


This 1-hour course has been designed by a mother for mothers-to-be. There's nothing more life-changing than bringing a new baby home, and that also applies to your dog as well! Keep in mind that behavioral issues in your dog can arise from an abrupt change of environment/routine--and we all know that a new baby contributes heavily to both! Get ahead of the game, and learn some crucial, and extremely helpful tips on preparing your dog for the newest addition to your family. You'll also get helpful insight for when your toddler becomes mobile, too!

Included is our very own Baby Prep handbook, and access to our C3 K9 Solutions Clients' Corner on Facebook, so you can have continued support!



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