Our Quick Lick is made with 100% coconut oil and your choice of flavoring--no other funky ingredients you can't pronounce. These cool things are your solution for all the possible hassles that comes with using food with your dog's training:

Main: (315) 612- C3K9 (2359)

-Your dog won't get full, nor gain weight when using this as a reward

-It promotes calm licking when presented with a reward, rather than a snatching response

-Fits in your pocket/S'Wag Bag with no crumbs or mess

-Keeps your hands clean from crumbs and dog drool

-Helps promote attention from your dog without worry of dropping treats on the ground

-Fits in children's hands easily, to help promote calm dog-to-child interactions, and build the child's confidence with the family dog

-Your dog can get up to 1,000 licks per bottle!