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What makes our Puppy Pre-K9 Class superior to those other guys? For starters, you pay one fee, and attend as many classes as you want until your puppy is 6 months old. We begin each class with supervised, structured, and productive socialization. Instead of just having puppies mindlessly run around, we encourage and promote healthy interactions, and interrupt/deter inappropriate interactions with other puppies. While the pups rest, we have our Q&A time, where you can ask anything to help raise your puppy more effectively and confidently. And of course, we spend the last part of class teaching an obedience command or a new trick. For questions, or to enroll, click the link down below and ensure to select "Puppy Pre-K9 Group Class"!

‚ÄčBringing home a new puppy is always exciting, but there can be a lot of questions that come with it! We offer two different classes that cover the basics of effective puppy raising:

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"Puppies don't play...

               ...they practice!"

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Is your puppy nipping at your feet? Or worse yet, nipping the kids? By the way, how are your carpets looking these days? With so many different situations that present themselves when it comes to owning a puppy, sometimes having a professional come to you is the best course of action. With our Private Puppy Class, your C3 K9 Specialist will address issues and problems that pertain to your puppy specifically in the comfort and convenience of home. You will be taught effective ways to potty train your puppy, along with crate training, and most importantly, fundamental communication skills to make the training process more thoroughly understood by the dog. To learn more, click the link below!