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"P.A.W.S." stands for Public And Walking Skills. This class goes above and beyond your typical group class offered by those other guys. If you'd like your dog to behave better in the general public while you're out and about, this class can most definitely help!

We utilize the city, shopping centers, parks, coffee shops and more to teach and solidify calm and appropriate behaviors. We even have our new PAWS Star Club with a ton more freebies! Don't be embarrassed about your dog's behavior. Let C3 K9 Solutions help your dog's "P.A.W.S."!

$35 per Lesson     $100 for 4 Lessons

Our Puppy Pre-K9 class is fun and educational! This class is broken down into 3 parts: Socialization and social skills development, Q&A, and then training.

Our socialization portion is when we allow the puppies to freely play together, all while being carefully monitored. During this time we promote appropriate play, and deter inappropriate interactions. Our Q&A portion is your time to ask any question you have when it comes to raising your puppy. And lastly, our training portion goes over a variety of commands such as Sit, Down, Come when called, loose leash walking, place, as well as fun stuff like confidence building and agility. 
The best part? You can come as many times as you want for one flat rate, up until your puppy is 6 months old! 

$275 enrollment

Enjoy a better dog today!        315 . 612 . C3K9


P.A.W.S. Class

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