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Keep your carpets and your dog's feet clean with our Dirty Dog Paw Washer! 

Let's face it; dog owners who also have carpet in their home get a little antsy when their dog has muddy feet and then comes indoors. Sure, you can try to use a towel, but come on, how well does that really work? Sure, you could dip your dog's feet in a bowl of water...and have it slosh everywhere. Or you could get your own Dirty Dog Paw Washer, and avoid all of that mess. Inside is a silicone insert with soft bristles that gently scrub away dirt and mud. Simply fill the cup with water (maybe a drop of shampoo) and rotate the cup to scrub your pup's feet. It comes apart easily to clean in between uses.

Please note: Your paw washer may take 7-10 business days to arrive, as we are awaiting our shipment.