7" Tab Leash

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Because all of our leashes come with affixed O-Rings along the length of the leash, you can clip the end of the leash to one of the O-rings and create a safer, make-shift slip leash for emergencies. As you can see, the leash is doubled up around the neck, which is much safer on the dog's neck and throat than a traditional slip leash. 

6' Leash: $15

Our Biothane Leashes come in varying lengths for whatever you need. We a 6' leash‚Äč, with O-Rings attached along the length, and a 7 inch Tab Leash. These O-Rings can shorten your leash, or clip around a bench/pole to secure your dog. It can also be clipped to create a safer slip leash (as pictured below). Biothane is a durable, synthetic material that's comparable in just about every way to leather.